Picking up the baton

Getting started, well that’s just this blog so a trial post here.

Farming is all about picking up from someone else and usually with the aim of passing it on – from one generation to the next. My grandfather started the farm with 1 field, 1 barn and 1 tractor, built it up, expanded and passed it to my father who did the same and now I work alongside him. Some say that the 3rd generation is usually the one which messes it all up, so no pressure!

Its a frequently recited saying, that ‘farmers are just guardians of the land for future generations’ and that is exactly why we should be striving to preserve and enhance the land, air and water for the long term. We could get into a debate straight away regarding the rights and wrongs of land use, ownership and inheritance but that is a little heavy for my first blog – but I will come back to it in the future.

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